Ipswich Country Market

100 years ago the W.I members in Lewes established it's first W.I. Markets to help ex-service men returning from WW1 to sell their surplus goods and soon became the model for markets across England and Wales

In that time Ipswich has had a market over these times. The market in its current form was establised in 1984. The market moved 2 times till it was established at Rushmere Village Hall.

In 2004, our name was changed to Country Markets, still holding on to the high standards set by the W.I.

Ipswich Country Market is one of 8 Country Markets in East Suffolk and is part of the Country Market network covering England, Wales and the channel islands.

There are about 300 local markets forming a nationwide co-operative selling high quallity, homemade food and other products.

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For the national country markets go to: www.country-markets.co.uk